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A History of Ancient Egypt: From the First Farmers to the Great Pyramid
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Black Ships

Black Ships - Jo Graham This book is so far up my alley that it's in my backyard, or possibly in my living room. I adored it! I don't know if I'll enjoy the sequels as much, since I loved these specific characters so much and as I understand it there's a lot of reincarnation ahead, but I look forward very much to finding out. Jo Graham's writing is lovely, lyrical and very readable.

If you like Rosemary Sutcliff, Rosemary Kirstein, Susan Cooper, and/or Jo Walton's The King's Peace books, odds are pretty good that you'll enjoy this Aeneid reworking.

Be warned, though, if you're the sort to want trigger warnings. This book takes place during an ancient period of warfare, and every single major character is a refugee from messy wars. There's a lot of rape and child death; none of it's graphic or onscreen, but it's very much a reality that all the characters deal with, as people who've survived the sacking of a city and possibly enslavement thereafter.